5 Tips to land in Barcelona


Arriving in a new city is a unique experience. The first walk between its streets and its people allows you to immerse yourself in the day to day of an unknown environment full of experiences to enjoy. But, how can you make the most of them? We present you 5 basic tips to express and feel Barcelona as your home.

1.Get comfortable

Your house should represent your lifestyle. Whether if you live in a quiet and exclusive area, or another with more agitation and constant beat. Barcelona generates smiles and has a combination of attributes that make it cosmopolitan and unique. An attractive city to live in and visit, as well as to work, learn, invest or undertake. Barcelona is synonymous with quality of life.

2. Relax and go with the flow

Getting around Barcelona is very easy. Whether on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, the excellent inside and outside connections of the city allow you to reach any corner whenever you need it. Discover the gorgeous wonders of modernism, the cultural exhibitions at the CCCB, or the nights of the Parallel. Get lost in the Parc Güell, feel the Mediterranean Sea, and escape to Montserrat. Wherever you go, travel by bicycle with the biting service, or move with the integrated transport ticket.

3. Learn from anything

Hello? ¿Cómo estás? Vagi bé! Barcelona has two official languages, Catalan and Spanish, and what better way to practice them in your daily life than exploring the city and sharing experiences with its people? Getting fluent with the language is very easy – and free – with platforms such as the Consorci de Normalització Lingüística or parla.cat, which will let you know the language and its people. And don’t be afraid! Barcelona has amazing and endless opportunities to welcome you with events such as the Barcelona International Community Day.

4. Live it up

Barcelona is a sports reference. From the Olympic Games of 92 to Barça matches in the football cathedral of Camp Nou. All neighborhoods in Barcelona have public and private sports centers for sports, going to the pool, and running through nature. And if you get sick, feel confident, Barcelona and Spain have one of the best public health systems in the world and universal assistance for all citizens. If you have any urgency, the first step is always to visit the nearest Primary Care Center.

5. Get inspired

Creativity, entertainment, logistics, gastronomy, ICT industries… Barcelona is a source of pure inspiration if you want to boost your professional career, get in touch with the different business and professional associations of the city. Focus of culture and industry, headquarters of small, medium and large successful companies, and the world’s first congress city, Barcelona is a generator of ideas and projects, full of possibilities to discover, learn and consolidate.

Don’t wait any longer, live Barcelona!

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